Wednesday, July 19

Nettle wrapped new potatoes

Usually I like picking nettles when they are still young and really small as the leaves tend to be softer. But for this dish i recommend them to be a little bit bigger making it easier to use them as "wrapping paper" for the potatoes. I don't know if your garden is full of these usually unwanted nuisance of a weed but nowadays as long as they are not somewhere where I need to walk and get stung/burned, I see this as free food given to us by Mother nature. Nettles can be used in the similar way as spinach and they are full of vitamin A, C, iron, potassium, manganese and calcium. To remove the stinging chemicals just soak them in water...this way they will be more pleasurable to eat. Nettles can be used in purees, soups, sauces, pancakes, bread etc.

Originally I think the idea of serving new potatoes wrapped into stinging nettles came from Noma (one of the top restaurants in the world). They had a dish where the new potatoes were wrapped into nettles and cooked in salt and yeast.

As we have loads of stinging nettles in our garden and we tend to eat most meals in the summer with new potatoes freshly picked from the ground I thought this is a fun way to serve the potatoes.

Here is my easy version.

1)Pick fresh nettles and blanche them in water to make them easier to handle.
2)Wrap them around the new potatoes and place on a bed of salt.
3)Heat up the oven to 140°C and let them bake in the oven for 30-40mins. This way when covered in leaves the potatoes are almost steamed.

I guarantee that these are good...atleast I like them...even with just a knob of butter :)

Tuesday, July 11

Visit Barcelona

I think my favourite city in Europe must be Barcelona. I have been here plenty of times and everytime I leave I always realize I didn't have enough time to visit all the places I wanted to go.
If you like good food, sunshine, the beach, quirky architecture, lively and happy people and shopping....then this is the city for you. I've had by far the best food in my life in this vibrant city. I have also had the most exciting food here when it comes to presentation (unfortunately I have also had one of the worst). Only writing this now, really makes me want to go back....just to eat :D

If you are a first timer, then I do recommend you do all the touristy things..cause they are worth seeing. Otherwise I just recommend you to relax and enjoy good food, terraces, the beach life and wine...loads of it :D ...but beware of the touristy restaurants. It's good to know some good places and not fall into the tourist trap of restaurants that look nice and might end up with a really mediocre to shitty meal with lousy service standing on the terrace with your bottle of wine without a table when the waiter decides its time to clear away the tables and not letting you finish your meal (personal experience).

Here are some places I've enjoyed visiting:

La Sagrada Familia (the Cathedral which is never finished and which never stops amazing me)
The Gaudi park
The Old Town
The beach
The market hall, La Boquería
The Erotic Museum on the Rambla ( I've walked past it so many times and thought it was nothing for me...but honestly it's quite fun and interesting and...and you get a glass of Cava with the entrance ticket)

Restaurants I Recommend:

Viena (for a quick bite...they make the best bocadillos on the get a freshly baked and crispy baguette)
Cañete(for more traditional tapas and a proper Spanish ambience ordering at the counter Try their Pau beans with squid)

Tantarantana (also quite traditional but in a really nice restaurant. Try their burgers :) )

Tickets (one of the best meals I have ever had. You will need to book in time or go there just when they open and hope for the best. Definitely try their octopus and the best Cheesecake in the world (especially for cheese lovers) )

Dos Palillos (Tapas with a Japanese twist. One of my favourite restaurants. Go for the tasting menu and if they have Percebes  (gooseneck barnacles) order some of those)

Pakta (One more of the best meals I've ever had. This restaurant with Peruvian- Japanese cuisine known as Nikkei will have your heart melt. Probably the two best cuisines combined. They had me at Ceviche <3 one ever )

Tapas 24 (a restaurant with all the typical tapas but choose from their daily recommendations and you will be pleased. This restaurant always has a queue outside but I've always managed to get a seat without a reservation and having to wait too long. I just love the ambience)

Suculent (Upgraded Spanish dishes. Definitely go for the tartar in bone marrow and the lobster they are devine)

Quim de la Boquería (busy busy busy....stand there and as soon as you see someone leave jump right in and take a seat. The atmosphere is great. Sit there and enjoy good food while taking in all the hustle and bustle of the market hall. Best breakfast is definitely the eggs with foie ) Unfortunately I don't have pics.

Dos Palillos

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Small fish trapped in Fishing net

Salad of seafood


Sumi ika and roe

Naresushi of seabass

Fatty tuna sashimi,i with yamaimo

A seafood stew coming onto the was heavenly and so rich of flavours

Free range chicken sashimi with homemade mentaiko

Noumifu and lamb brains

Steamed dumplings with fresh prawns and Iberian pork

Nippon Burger

Sea Urchin
Iberian Pork tataki and kimchi

Chanh dây

Miss mocha of ginger

Matcha kastela Cake

Tapas 24

The best Bikini

Tuna tartar

The best Bikini 

Artichokes with Iberico and Truffle

Salty chocolate mousse


The Olive that really bursts in your mouth

Cherry tree and acorns

"Churros" meringues with wasabi dip

Fatty tuna belly and Caviar

"Prawn cracker" with a drink of Padrones

Cheese Airbags

Nordic landscape...and it really captures all the taste of the Nordic countries

Best Octopus I have ever eaten

Carrot "cake"

Best Cheesecake I have ever had in my whole life. This dessert is for Cheeselovers <3


Soy milk Tofu and  Caviar

Avocado tofu with sea urchins and dashi shoyu

Aged soy with monkfish liver and rococo leche de tigre jelly

Cockles with Daikon and apple kimchi sauce and smoked coconut powder

Artichoke with chestnut tofu and bottarga

Maresme peas with ahi amarillo tofu

Bonito ceviche with tamarind. The BEST ceviche I've eaten :)

Concha Fina (brown venus clams with persimmon sauce and soy sauce vermicelli

Sea Urchin Nigiri with ahi amarillo and dashi shoyu veil. Probably one of the best Nigiris ever.

Chilean wagyu beef tataki with potato chips and chifero ponzu

King crab Maki Cause with rococo acevichada sauce. I had never had a potato causa before. Loved it <3 

Eel causa with umeboshi and green shiso

Crunchy cornet of Tuna belly 

Tuna belly sashimi with sea urchin and black truffle

Black Cod sudado

Bocado de la Reina, Kale with kimchi panca, coriander emulsion sauce and pickles

Peruvian classic cream de arroz (rice pudding) con leche de chichi morada (purple corn)

Humita with coffee toffe and chocolate ice-cream with cinnamon

Coconut snow: Coconut kakigori with elderberry jelly and ginger

Sweet potato tempura with fig and cinnamon honey

Hoshigaki dried Persimmon


Anchovy and Olive oil

Tuna skin and pickled carrot

Croquet with lobster, prawn and cuttlefish

Chicken comb on crispy chicken skin and sauce similar to Hoi sin

Tuna with pine nut purée

Artichoke with parsley, bread, saffron and almond sauce with lard on top

Peas from Maresme with cuttlefish and Iberico

Lobster tartar with crispy chicken skin

Bone marrow and beef tartar with Tobiko roe

Roasted pumpkin with parmesan sauce

Hare cannelloni, hare sauce, foie gras and oyster leaf

Strawberry with white chocolate and vanilla mousse and rosewater jelly

Mango and margarita with a hint of salt and lime

Brie cheesecake with muscadell jelly



Mini organic beef burger with Foie

Marinated Tuna

Tender Iberian beef cheeks with straw potatoes


Scallops with Iberico

Crispy Pork tails

Santa Pau beans with squid

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