Tuesday, September 12

Cod cheeks with Fresh green Peas and a Serrano Crumble

Here is just a really simple dish I made earlier this summer. I'm really struggling to catch up with my posts :D seems like I've made so many dishes and been to so many restaurants this summer that my computer is completely loaded with pics. I've spent a lot of time travelling around Europe this summer or spending time at the summer cottage, that I have completely forgotten to write and work on my photographs. I will try to get everything in order as soon as possible so that I can concentrate on all the wonderful produce coming up this season (autumn).
At the time I made this dish, the peas were at their best. However this dishes can be made all year round using also frozen peas or vegetables in season. I just find this a really pretty and easy way to plate your fish of choice giving a bit of restaurant feel to your daily meals.

I just sautéed the cod cheeks in some clarified butter adding a bit of sea salt. The peas were just quickly boiled in some buttered and salted water. Decorate with edible flowers. I used the flowers from wasabi rocket and some pansies. To add a bit of crunch I used some thinly sliced carrots and radishes. I also made some crispy Serrano crumbs by placing the Serrano ham in the oven and roasting until crispy.

I love the way this plate looks in all it's simplicity.

Monday, September 4

Visit Berlin

Berlin has some really cool places to visit for dinner. I only had one whole day so I didn't have much time this time to visit all the tourist places. Instead I followed my heart on what for me is more important, FOOD.
I managed to squeeze in 4 restaurants and one cafe into one day! I can tell you....after the third one my tummy was really squeezed into my jeans....luckily by the time it was time for the last restaurant I had had time to digest a bit and was ready to enjoy more....and boy was it worth it.
All of the restaurants had been recommended to me by friends of mine who have either lived in Berlin or just travelled there in the culinary sense and I really trust their taste.

None of the restaurants I visited were typical German cuisine...but honestly I wasn't really in the mood for Bratwurst, sauer kraut and schwein haxe at this time. I've had them plenty times before.

This time my culinary trip was let's say very different...not so much meat involved.
I went to three Asian restaurants and one completely vegetarian.
If you want good sushi...go to Kuchi
If you want good Ramen go to Cocolo Ramen Xberg
If you just want a trip to Asia with some typical street food dishes and flavours from Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia under some vibrant Bird cages go to Transit in Friedrichshain
but if you want to be wowed and surprised with new flavours of ingredients that are so common to us...then head to Cookies & Cream, a hidden Gem on the back streets of a hotel. In the back where Ratatouiolle the Rat would love to go, hidden next to the Garbage bins under a huge blinking chandelier is located a really top notch Vegetarian restaurant. The concrete room is filled with chatter and laughter with the background of jazzy music. Staff with a wonderfully casual and laid back style makes this the perfect place to be hidden behind the garbage containers.
The food was really good and I definitely recommend it for anybody with the love of food.

Transit Friedrichshain

Chargrilled Pork skewer

Crispy prawns with wasabi mayo

Duck in pyjamas: Beijing duck pancake


Cocolo Ramen Xberg

Übersee café

Cookies & Cream

A really bad pic of some dumpsters :D

Blinking chandelier...I must be close (sorry for the really bad quality)

Grilled leeks and black sesame with horseradish

Celery essence with apple gyoza, walnut, thyme and chili

Parmesan dumplings with Perigord truffle stock, spinach, pine nuts and sherry

White cremeuse with passionfruit